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Sunbeam, stop tugging me

Pull that door shut quietly

annies_ icons
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Don't expect to find any overly photoshopped icons here, mainly. because.. I don't have photoshop... I know, I should be dead. my icons for the most part are clean and simple, what many call BASES. Some might have text and a little editing, but mostly just resized and cropped and the contrast may be raise a little bit. Some people like this, others like to take them and edit them themselves, which I have absolutely no problem with. I'd still like some credit though, just because it's the nice thing to do :)

Just three simple rules
3.no hotlinking

that's it, other wise, do as you please
alter till there's no tomorrow! hahaha

Please add me! ♥


Oh, and please if you have an idea for a specific icon I have made tell me, if you'd like me to try it! I'm always open for suggestions and love making things for people <3

I now take requests! :) Request: HERE

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